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BMW announces diesel scrappage scheme
Date added 18/8/2017

OWNERS of older BMW models will be offered a sum of money towards a new car if they trade in their old diesel for a new low emissions BMW or Mini, it has been revealed

BMW has announced a new diesel scrappage scheme designed to help drivers ditch their older vehcile for a cleaner car. 

Owners of older – and more polluting – diesel BMWs and Minis will be offered £1,800 off a new car under the new scheme. 

The discount is available to owners of any vehicle that meets Euro 4 standards or less, which is almost every pre-2005 car. 

One caveat for the new BMW deal is that the replacement must be a BMW i3 or a Euro 6 vehicle with CO2 emissions up to 130g/km. 

BMW will initially run the scheme until December 31st 2017. 

The “fleet renewal campaign” launches this month and the "environmental bonus" can be applied on top of other discounts and deals BMW is offering. 

BMW Board Chairman Harald Krüger said: “For almost two years now, diesel technology which is cutting-edge, highly efficient and popular with customers has been deliberately and publicly discredited. 

“This has caused tremendous uncertainty among millions of drivers and it’s not going to get us anywhere”.

The UK currently has more than 11 million diesel vehicles on the road. 

Motorists were encouraged to buy diesels back in 2001 by Tony Blair’s government and lower VED rates due to the typically lower CO2 outputs. 

The Volkswagen emissions scandal in 2015, however, brought to light how the harmful nitrogen oxides and particulates can have serious negative health affects on humans.

BMW’s scrappage scheme follows one introduced by Vauxhall earlier this year which offered drivers £2,000 off the price of a new Corsa, Astra, Adam, Meriva and Mokka X when you trade-in your old car. 


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